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Back to School Lunches

There are so many things to miss about summer…. not packing lunches is one of them.

For most moms, packing kid lunches is right up there with doing your taxes and going to the dentist. By the end of the school year, you're throwing in a too-ripe banana and whatever chips are left at the bottom of the Costco variety pack, and crossing your fingers you make it to the last day of school! I have some simple lunch-packing tips for you.

  1. Think outside the [Bluey lunch] box. You don’t always have to worry about the traditional definition of “lunch.” Cut yourself some slack! Kids don’t care if they have the traditional sandwich, cookie, and bag of chips. Have two pieces of chicken and a tortilla? Throw it in there! Your kids just want to eat something they like.
  2. Take advantage of leftovers. The easiest thing to pack for lunch is what you had for dinner. We’re used to taking leftovers for our lunch and we forget that our kids can eat it too. If your school doesn’t have a microwave the kids can use, put it in a thermos to keep it warm.
  3. Buy a Bento!  With 5-6 compartments, you don’t have to worry about a traditional lunch. Just fill each compartment with healthy foods your kids love!
  4. Let them decide. Kids are a lot less likely to trade lunches at school when they were involved in the process. Take them to the store with you and let them pick out options you approve.

 Ready for a few lunch box ideas?

  • Tortillas are your best friend. Wrap up leftover chicken or lunch meat with a veggie.
  • Hard-boiled eggs with a little salt will fill them up and satisfy them too.
  • Pita bread pockets are perfect for stuffing with protein.
  • Combine veggies with their favorite type of dip. This might be Bell peppers and cucumber dipped in hummus or carrots and celery dipped in guacamole or ranch. Make sure to cut up their veggies, they’re more likely to eat them this way.
  • Homemade protein balls are a healthier option than sugary store-bought bars.
  • Yogurt and sliced berries or granola.


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